Technology Development

  • クリックDesign based on analysis

    In conventional structural analysis (two-dimensional frame calculation),
    the design is performed at the representative cross section to be analyzed,
    but FEM analysis makes it to be possible to model the frame structure and
    to be able to point out the stress conditions to inform it to designer.

  • クリックTruck chassis forming press

    ■Main specification

    Dimension of bolster12280 × 1600㎜
    Descending speed 270㎜/s
    Pressing speed19~9.5㎜/s
    Ascending speed 230㎜/s
    Cushion 750kN×8
    Moving bolsterLeft・Right moving×2
    Balancer 20000kN(5000×4)
    Slide KO100kN×20
    Main Motor110kw×6
    Cushion motor15kw×8(servo motor)

    Control imagination


    ■Servo valve control realizes the precision ±0.05mm of slide stop position.

    ■Power saving compared to past press by adopting variable pump.

    ■Cushion is controlled seperately.

    ■Slide 2 ponit pallarel control is adoppted for long size eccentric forming.

    ■The total solution of press machine and automation is our proposal.

  • クリック4-point high precision levelling device

    • Descending

    • Levelling Touch

    • Pressing
      precision ±0.05mm

    • Mold Open
      precision ±0.05mm

    Slide 4 point paralel control during pressing/mold open/slide ascending
    stop accuracy ±0.05mm
    dynamic accuracy ±0.1mm
    standard speed 0.1mm/sec or slower

  • クリックHybrid press

    New developed hybrid press with integration of hi-speed electric servo drive and hi-precision hydraulic drive .

    ■Main specification

    Main press / hydraulic drive
    Pressing capacity12000kN
    Table size3000×2000㎜
    Pressing speed60~9.5㎜/s
    Main press / screw drive
    Pressing capacity1000kN
    Descending speed550㎜/s
    Ascending speed550㎜/s
    Die cushion
    Cushion capacity3000kN
    4-point leveling position adjuster
    Leveling capacity1000kN×4
    Descending speed10~0.1㎜/s
    Ascending speed10~0.1㎜/s
    Detaching capacity2000kN
  • クリックIn-plant design & fabrication


    Rationalization design based on press frame F.E.M Analysis

    each oil pipe matches its original fabrication drawing.
    Pipe drawing makes it possible for quick change and on piping work out of manufacturer.
    Also, piping routine is designed with 3D-CAD, it is possible for the convenience of maintenance.

    Kawasaki original hydraulic control based on abandant know-how on over 2000 presses.

    • D-SERVO/ Electric
    • K-SERVO / Oil Hydraulic
    • Invertor / Oil Hydraulic
    • Servo Valve / Oil Hydraulic
    • Pump-P / Oil Hydraulic


    Strict quality and delivery management
    Steel blanking, welding, maching and assembly are performed in one plant to improve the realiability of our press machine.

    • Large size machinery
    • Automatic Welding
  • クリックWood chip dehydrator

    Dedicated machine of “squeezes water from trees” (patented), equiped with double-action forced drainage mechanism .

    ■Main specification

    Pressing capacity20000kN
    Processing Time130SEC/Cycle
    Processing capacity1㎥(300㎏)/Cycle
    1HourApprox. 8 t
    1Day(24h)Approx. 200t
    1Year(320days)Approx. 64000t
    Materialchip(water contents over 45% )
    Water contents after squeezingAbout40%


    ■Double-action forced drainage mechanism (patented) realizes the stable performance of dehydration.
    ■Wood chips with a water content of 50-70% can be dehydrated to 40% with 130SEC.
    ■Dehydration is possible with 1/33 power consumption compared to heat drying.
    ■We supply the total plant solution from chips cutter, convey, dehydration equipment and the feeder.

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