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Electric Servo Press


  • 直動式電動サーボプレス ELECTRIC SERVO PRESS
  • 直動式電動サーボプレス ELECTRIC SERVO PRESS
  • 直動式電動サーボプレス ELECTRIC SERVO PRESS
  • 直動式電動サーボプレス ELECTRIC SERVO PRESS
A direct-acting electric servo press that makes the most of the functions of conventional hydraulic presses and is clean and energy-saving.
Highly accurate and highly responsive position, pressure, and speed control is effective for molding of difficult process materials.
■The Hi-Low drive mechanism is used to achieve "high speed" and "low servo motor output".
■As with conventional hydraulic presses, the maximum load can be output over the whole entire stroke, eliminating the need for die height adjustment.
■The Kawasaki original eco-screw has improved durability compared to conventional screws. The output of 1 axis 5000kN is the largest in Japan.
■Servo control achieves lower limit stop accuracy of 10μm.
■The cushion circuit uses a hydraulic NC cushion with hybrid servo drive.
■Power regeneration is performed during slide deceleration and cushion operation, contributing to further reduction of power consumption.
■Material feeder /work unloader
■Various die changer
■Hydraulic / air circuit for die
■Safety bar

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