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Press Brake

長尺プレスブレーキ PRESS BRAKE

  • 長尺プレスブレーキ PRESS BRAKE
  • 長尺プレスブレーキ PRESS BRAKE
  • 長尺プレスブレーキ PRESS BRAKE
It is a press brake that supports bending forming of long members and adopts slide 2-axis synchronous servo control.
■A high strength frame with a small amount of strain is realized by analyzing the stress concentration part by F.E.M analysis.
■Slide parallel control at long size forming can be performed by slide 2-axis synchronous servo control.
■The high-precision servo valve control system achieves a slide lower limit accuracy of ±0.05 mm.
■Saving energy compared to conventional presses by adopting a variable pump unit.
■It can also provide peripheral equipment such as material feeding device.
■Position, speed, pressure, time, etc. 100 patterns of forming data can be stored by molding data memory device.
■Material feeding device(Back gauge)
■Crowning device
■Upper and Lower die holder

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