product Kawasaki's hydraulic presses high-quality/high added value.

Trial Press

コンパクト型トライアルプレス TRIAL PRESS

  • コンパクト型トライアルプレス TRIAL PRESS
  • コンパクト型トライアルプレス TRIAL PRESS
  • コンパクト型トライアルプレス TRIAL PRESS
  • コンパクト型トライアルプレス TRIAL PRESS
  • コンパクト型トライアルプレス TRIAL PRESS
Compact design makes these presses more economical without requiring a high ceiling or special foundation work.
■The position and output of the main press and die cushion are able to be set on the touch panel.
■Since the floor-standing, deep foundation is mounted to unnecessary and simple, is extremely economical.
"■Environmentally friendly and low noise design.
75db or less at the operation panel position(Actual value measured in our factory)."
■100 patterns of setting data for forming can be memorized through the touch panel.
■The necessary functions of the two-hand operated pushbutton stand are provided to improve operability.
■Die cushion multi-stage control (3 stages)
■Die-lifter and Pre-roller for Die changer
■Safety Bar

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