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Hot Stamping Press


  • ホットスタンピングプレス
  • ホットスタンピングプレス
  • ホットスタンピングプレス
  • ホットスタンピングプレス
  • ホットスタンピングプレス
  • ホットスタンピングプレス
A hot stamping press apply with the processing methods that such as bending and drawing of heated steel materials and rapidly cooling the die mold to hard steel sheet.
High precision and high response position / pressure / speed control is possible by using variable pump and servo valve control.
■ Various motions are possible by high precision servo valve control.
■ Approach circuit ・ High-speed valve changing enables high-speed slide down / high-speed up.
 Descent / rise speed: about 700㎜ / s
■ Adopting a variable pump unit saves energy compared to conventional presses.
■ Equipped with left and right auto die changers.
■ We can propose a line system including a heating furnace and a loading / unloading device.
■ Material feeder /work unloader
■ Product palletizing device
■ Material heating device
■ Various die change equipment
■ Auto coupling device
■ Die cushion device
■ Hydraulic / air circuit for die mold
■ Cold cooling water circuit

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