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Sheet Stretch Former


  • シートストレッチフォーマ SHEET STRETCH FORMER
  • シートストレッチフォーマ SHEET STRETCH FORMER
  • シートストレッチフォーマ SHEET STRETCH FORMER
  • シートストレッチフォーマ SHEET STRETCH FORMER
It is a machine for forming metal parts with a three-dimensional compound curved surface such as the fuselage skin of an aircraft.
A predetermined curved surface can be obtained by winding the material around the die while applying tensile force.
Equipped with a function to add uniform elongation to the entire surface of the material so that it will not be broken due to local elongation of the material.
■It is possible by programing in a molding trace of FEM by programing software to reproduce the forming that is close to the result of FEM.
■It is possible to Pre-verification of machine operation by the operation simulation.
■An expected control motion is achieved by mechanical error correction, and automatic forming cycle is realized even for products that require high skill.
■Motion axis consist of all 42 axis that is controlled independently by and separately.
■Achieve the energy saving and high precision for each axis.
■It equipped with various functions.
■Die changer
■Moving Floor
■Jaw case unit
■Forming program simulation
■Curved Jaw, Swing Jaw, bulldozer etc.

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